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This Week on The Christian Outlook:
Christian Outlook 3/28/15: A Christian Woman Exemplifies Death with Dignity

  • Marc Morano of responds to Al Gore’s comment that “climate deniers” need to be punished (1:35).
  • Reggie Littlejohn of “Women’s Rights Without Frontiers” talks about gendercide in China (7:10).
  • Kara Tippetts, the Christian blogger, author, wife and mother, died from breast cancer. We replay her conversation from last November with Craig Roberts. (13:00).
  • Erick Stakelbeck, author of “ISIS Exposed” tells the story of the evil terrorist group  (27:55).
  • Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission argues that we should pray for the defeat of ISIS while praying for the salvation of its members (35:55).

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