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This Week on The Christian Outlook:
Christian Outlook 7/26/14: Israel Battles Radical Islam

  • Army Lieutenant Bob McGinnis describes the fighting in Israel (1:20).
  • Shelly Palmer continues the conversation on Israel on the Bill Bunkley Show (4:00).
  • Rabbi Aryeh Spero discusses radical Islam in Gaza and in the wider region of the Middle East (8:25).
  • Jennifer Marshall talks about religious liberty with host Mark Elfstrand (13:00).
  • Robert Gordon raises awareness about the Environmental Protection Agency’s underhanded tactics (17:30).
  • Sebastian Gorka talks about the spread of the terrorist organization ISIS (22:00).
  • Russell Moore discusses humans as gendered beings (27:50).
  • Mark Brown spells out the consequences of changing the definition of marriage (35:50).

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