Christian Outlook 8/16/14: The Church Takes on Ebola and Violence in Iraq


  • Nina Shea, director of the Center for Religious Freedom, on Christians and religious minorities being murdered in Iraq (1:20).
  • Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf has a challenge for Christians (5:40).
  • Professor Mark Smith paints a picture of the current threat from Muslim terror groups (9:15).
  • Bill Jacobson of Cornell University’s School of Law describes the rise of anti-Semitism (13:00).
  • Dr. David Stevens of the Christian Medical Dental Association talks about Ebola (17:25).
  • David French of the American Center for Law and Justice shares a frightening story about the IRS and churches (21:40).
  • Frank Sontag tells how he turned from New Age to Christ with author and apologist Lee Strobel (27:25).
  • Albert Mohler looks at a piece in the London Telegraph that calls for the U.S. to police the world (35:20).
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