Christian Outlook 10/25/14: Michael Horton on Ordinary Faith in a Radical World


  • Kelly Shackelford of the Liberty Institute (1:25) and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council discuss the Houston mayor’s decision to try and seize sermons from pastors (5:05).
  • Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission on the role of the Gospel in a fast-changing culture (8:55).
  • Bill Bennett gets the latest on the Senate races from Shawn Trende of Real Clear Politics (13:00).
  • Kara Tippetts, a Christian who is dying of cancer, has penned a letter to another young woman battling cancer who intends on taking her own life under Oregon’s “right-to-die” legislation (17:55).
  • Michael Horton shares thoughts from his new book “Ordinary” (27:55).

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