Christian Outlook 12/13/14: Remembering WWII Hero, Louie Zamperini

  • With Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu’s loss in Louisiana, the Republicans now dominate the South, from North Carolina to Texas. Albert Mohler explains (1:25).
  • Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation argues that the GOP needs to use every tool at its disposal to block President Obama’s provocative move on the immigration status of millions of people (5:35).
  • Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council highlights another controversial move by President Obama, this one involving gender identity (9:40).
  • Frank Sontag reminds us that the Bible instructs us to submit to our authorities, although many people do not (13:00).
  • Louie Zamperini was one of the greatest runners of the 20th century and a WWII hero. His son, Luke, joined Frank Sontag to discuss his father’s life (22:00).


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