Christian Outlook 8/1/15: Os Guinness on His Book “Fool’s Talk”

  • John Stonestreet from “Breakpoint” talks about the grisly operation run by Planned Parenthood (1:40).
  • Kathleen Bravo of the pro-life organization, Obria Foundation, went on Mark Elfstrand’s show (8:00).
  • Matt Sharp of Alliance Defending Freedom was a guest of Don Kroah on WAVA (13:00).
  • Historian Victor Davis Hanson draws parallels between 1940s Nazi Germany and Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran (17:20).
  • Pastor Dan Delzell talks about repentance on Frank Sontag’s show (22:00).
  • Author Os Guinness joins Eric Metaxas to talk about his latest book on Christian persuasion (28:00).


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