Christian Outlook 8/15/15: Fighting Temptation: “The Truth About Lies”

  • Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy talks to Don Kroah about the U.S.’s nuke agreement with Iran (1:30).
  • Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute continues with the topic of Iran on the Eric Metaxas Show (8:00).
  • Pro-life leader Lila Rose speaks out against Planned Parenthood with special attention given to the recent videos released by The Center for Medical Progress (13:00).
  • Jim Ramsay served for 10 years with “The Mission Society” in Kazakhstan. He joined Craig Roberts to talk about mission work in the U.S. (22:00).
  • Southern California Pastor Tim Chaddick speaks with Eric Metaxas about his book, “The Truth About Lies” (28:00).
  • Dr. Albert Mohler looks at a powerful pro-life piece written by Ross Douthat (36:00).


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