Christian Outlook 9/12/15: A Hollywood Surprise

  • Georgene Rice speaks with War Room’s Priscilla Shirer (1:20).
  • Nagmeh Abedini joined Frank Sontag in Los Angeles to talk about her husband who is still being held in Iran (7:40).
  • Stephanie Barclay of the Beckett Fund provided an update on the Little Sisters of the Poor on KFAX with Craig Roberts (13:00).
  • Writer Phil Cooke tells how Planned Parenthood keeps bad news about their organization out of the news (18:20).
  • Albert Mohler on the fluidity of gender and the media and pop culture’s complicity (22:00).
  • Ryan Anderson, author of “Truth Overruled” joined Eric Metaxas to talk about traditional marriage (28:00).

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