Christian Outlook 9/26/15: Pope Francis’ First Visit to the U.S.

  • Frank Sontag turned to Jon Eareckson Tada to discuss the potential of California legalizing assisted suicide (1:15).
  • Warren Smith of World Magazine says that Donald Trump will not last (8:05).
  • Tim Goeglein of Focus on the Family argues that Carly Fiorina hit a grand slam at the last debate (13:00).
  • Casey Mattox of Alliance Defending Freedom brings us up to date on Planned Parenthood (16:35).
  • Andy Bales has been serving “the least of these” for over 25 years on skid row in Los Angeles (21:30).
  • Gary Chapman talks about his book “Anger: Taming a Powerful Emotion” (27:30).
  • Albert Mohler weighs in on Pope Francis’ view of divorce (35:30).

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