Christian Outlook 10/3/15: Ravi Zacharias on the Enduring Appeal of the Gospel

  • Nina Shea of Religious Freedom describes the atrocities faced by Christians in Iraq (1:35).
  • Author Robert Spencer provides blunt clarity about the aims of ISIS in the Middle East (9:35).
  • Mark Morano from the Climate Depot explains Pope Francis’ extreme global warming agenda (13:00).
  • Albert Mohler interacts with Ross Douthat’s piece, “Springtime for Liberal Christianity” (17:25).
  • Eric Metaxas speaks with David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress about the infamous Planned Parenthood videos (22:00).
  • Frank Sontag interviews Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias about the truth of Christ and sharing the gospel with others (28:00).

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