TCO 4/9/16: Religious Liberty in the Crosshairs

Bill Bunkley spoke with Bruce Hausknect–a judicial analyst for Focus on the Family–about recent attacks on religious liberty. Erick Erickson joined Georgene Rice to discuss the attacks on our First Amendment. Dr. Tony Evans has a warning for Americans. He was on the Bill Bunkley Show. Author Rosaria Butterfield joined Eric Metaxas to discuss the delicate issues of human sexuality and sin. Kelsey Harkness, writer for the Daily Signal, has been covering why some banks are refusing to make loans to gun businesses. She was on the Georgene Rice Show. On the Bill Bunkley show, Eric Metaxas looks at the founding fathers and faith in America. Dr. Albert Mohler on his “Briefing” program covered a Frank Bruni piece that argues for government to force believers to get in line.


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