TCO 11/19/16: The Exalted God Is Eager to Be Our Friend

Lee Edwards of the Heritage Foundation talks with Georgene Rice about how Trump won and the depth of the Republican victory. Illinois Congressman Randy Hultren knows Vice President-Elect Mike Pence well and joins Mark Elfstrand to discuss how Pence will play a pivotal role in the Trump administration. Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness speaks with Don Kroah about the need for cultural renewal in the military. Eric Metaxas talks about the role of the media in the election with veteran journalist Terry Mattingly. Chip Ingram, the voice of “Living on the Edge,” joined Mark Elfstrand to talk about his most recent book, “The Real God.” Frank Sontag turns to author Rosaria Butterfield for an extended conversation on same-sex relationships.


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