TCO 1/7/17: “Evangelism for Non-Evangelists”

Eric Metaxas speaks with Reverend John Rankin about how to change the language of the abortion debate and bring pro-choice supporters to the pro-life camp. Craig Roberts talks with Brian Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee about the devastating effect abortion has had on the most population state in the nation—California. Don Kroah gets background and perspective on the moral depravity of the United Nations from the National Review’s Rich Lowry. Georgene Rice interviews Mark Teasdale, author of “Evangelism for Non-Evangelists,” about evangelism and why so many Christians find it difficult to do. Don Kroah and Jonathan Keller of the California Family Council discuss the harmful effects that marijuana is having on our society—particularly since states have legalized it. Dr. Albert Mohler looks at why the revolutionaries of the sexual revolution will not rest and why the Boy Scouts of America is in their cross hairs.


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