TCO 4/29/17: Fight Temptation with a Greater Joy

Mike Ciandella of the Media Research Center evaluates Trump’s first 100 days in office on the Georgene Rice Show. Mark Elfstrand turns to Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard to discuss the rise of left-wing violence. Bruce Klingner of the Heritage Foundation talks about the latest tensions on the Korean peninsula. Columnist and author Victor Davis Hansen continues on the topic of North Korea–arguing that the United States needs to employ a strategy of deterrence. Pastor Philip DeCourcy teaches how to fight temptation effectively and grow in grace on the Frank Sontag Show. Jaquelle Crowe, author of “This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Changes the Teen Years,” joins Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand. David Limbaugh, author of “The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels,” joins the Don Kroah Show.


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