TCO 5/6/17: “The God Conversation”

Everett Piper, president of Oklahoman Wesleyan University, joins Frank Sontag to offer his perspective on the intolerance of the left on university campuses today. Craig Roberts picks up on this theme with author and journalist Kirsten Powers. Economist Jerry Bowyer talks about Trump’s economic plan on Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand. Mat Staver of the Liberty Institute notes one significant compromise on abortion in the latest spending bill on the Don Kroah Show. Mark Elfstrand turns to Biola professor Tim Muelhoff to learn more about his book “The God Conversation.” David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby, joins the Eric Metaxas Show to discuss his latest book “Giving It All Away.” Albert Mohler looks at a disturbing trend in politics—the rise of crass language.


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