TCO 6/24/17: The Intersection of Faith and Education

Kevin McCullough speaks with the Washington Examiner’s Sarah Westwood about Republican Karen Handel who won Georgia’s 6th congressional district. Olivia Enos, policy analysist at the Heritage Foundation, joins the Georgene Rice Show to cover the tragic case of Otto Warmbier who was brutalized by the North Korean regime and died earlier this week. Villanova Professor Daniel Mark discusses religious liberty around the world on the Don Kroah Show. Georgene Rice interviews Newsbusters’ Christian Robey about the NY Times’ outrageously false story blaming Sarah Palin for the shooting of a congresswoman. Israel Wayne of Family Renewal talks about the intersection of faith and education for children on Georgene Rice’s show. Pastor John MacArthur joins the Frank Sontag Show to discuss his latest article, “Warning, content may be offensive.” Bob Burney reports on why a woman was kicked out of her Planet Fitness gym because she didn’t want to share the women’s locker room with a man.

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