TCO 7/1/17: Religious Liberty Wins Big at the Supreme Court

Erik Stanley of the Alliance Defending Freedom joins the David Spoon Experience to talk about the big win for religious liberty decided by the Supreme Court: Trinity Lutheran v. Comer. Dr. Albert Mohler on his “Briefing” program continues the analysis on this historic court case. The National Review’s David French speaks with Don Kroah about the Supreme Court’s ruling on Trump’s travel ban. Townhall’s Guy Benson discusses the misleading reporting regarding the health bill in the Senate with Kevin McCullough. Songwriter Keith Getty joins Eric Metaxas to talk about his latest project for kids. Jim Daly shares thoughts from his latest book “When Parenting Isn’t Perfect” with Carmen LaBerge. John Stonestreet of Breakpoint discusses the current state of the culture with Mark Elfstrand.


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