Freedom of Religion Challenged by Senate Democrats

The Christian Outlook –September 16, 2017

Nicole Russell, of the Federalist, joined Kevin McCullough to discuss the religious discrimination happening in the Circuit Court of Appeals nominations by Senator Diane Feinstein. Dr. Albert Mohler also discusses this discriminating trend on The Briefing. Don Kroah invited Hans Spankovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, to discuss the plight of the so-called “Dreamers.” Georgene Rice invited Benjamin Wiker, author of “The Reformation, 500 Years Later” on her program to discuss how the Protestants and Catholics are banding together to battle one common enemy. Nathan Wineinger, 21 Wilberforce director of policy relations, shares with Don Kroah the hopeful movements for youth in our universities nationwide. Michael Medved shares with Eric Metaxes about his new book, “The American Miracle, Divine Providence in the Rise of the Republic.” Bob Burney, from Bob Burney Live on WRFD 880 in Columbus Ohio, shares a stunning report from the Worldwide Planned Parenthood Foundation.

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