Our American Moment and the Public Square as the Battleground of the Gods

The Christian Outlook – May 12, 2018

Albert Mohler looks at why Republicans feel like they are losing even though they control the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House. Bob Burney sits down with William Federer, author and creator of the American Minute to discuss efforts to change American ideals in ways, that if successful over the long haul, would make our nation something essentially different that we were at our founding. Jonathan Leeman, of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and author of How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age, joins Mark Elfstrand as they examine the erosion of some of our national core values and virtues and what we, as Christians, should be reminding ourselves of. Bob Burney hosts theologian Owen Strachan who makes the point that we must take care to get the center of Christ’s message right and the central point of His death right. The voice of “Truth for Life,” Alistair Begg joins Craig Roberts to encourage us to get back to the scriptures and back to the cross so we can be shaped by God’s Spirit to be a more effective Christian witness. They also remind us that the Christ we serve is not only a resurrected Savior but also an ascended King who rules over the cosmos and is sovereign over His creation.

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