Christian Outlook: November 16, 2013


  • Host Don Kroah talks with Michael Reagan about a winning strategy for the GOP to defeat Obamacare. (1:19).
  • Albert Mohler looks at how Obamacare trammels on religious liberty. (9:06).
  • Russell Moore, the head of the Ethics and Religous Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptists, joined Frank Sontag on KKLA to discuss faith and politics. (13:00).
  • Susan Katz has authored a book arguing that interfaith homes are a good idea. Are you confused? So was she. She was on The Michael Medved Show. (21:50).
  • Former House Rep. John Grant joins Bill Bunkley on WTBN to talk about the issue of life. (27:50-end).
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    Christian Outlook: November 9, 2013


  • Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council tells Don Kroah why the Employment Non Discrimination Act (ENDA) is a threat to religious liberty (0:00-7:45).
  • Albert Mohler looks at the secularist agenda in Belgium that wants to extend euthanasia to children (7:45-13:00).
  • On the Bill Bunkley Show, Maggie Gallagher argues that the Republican Party needs to stand on principle with social issues (13:00-21:55).
  • On the Frank Sontag Show, John Stonestreet explains why fame is a dangerous drug (21:55-27:55).
  • Kevin McCullough interviews Keith Getty, songwriter of “In Christ Alone” (27:55-end).
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    Christian Outlook: November 2, 2013


  • Bill Bunkley talks with tech reporter Shelly Palmer about the failed rollout of the Obamacare website (0:00-8:10). One of the founders of Wellpoint, Denny Weinberg, tells Don Kroah why Obamacare is such a disastrous law (8:10-13:00).
  • Obamacare is an assault on religious freedom. Albert Mohler explains (13:00-18:20).
  • On the Janet Mefferd Show, National Review’s Wesley Smith shares chilling stories about how life is being devalued in Western countries (18:20-27:50).
  • Author Brad Bigney uncovers the subtle sin of idolatry in his new book “Gospel Treason” with Mark Daniels (27:50-end).
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    Christian Outlook 10/26/13


  • The Obamacare rollout is a mess. Syndicated columnist Donald Lambo explains.
  • The wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini in Iran speaks about the latest developments to set him free.
  • Gigi Graham shares about her life growing up with the famous evangelist, her father, Billy Graham.
  • Author and professor David Prince argues that the health and happiness of your kids should not be a top priority.
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    Christian Outlook 10/12/13


  • Pastor Greg Laurie honors the life of Chuck Smith, the founder of Calvary Chapels and leader of the early Jesus movement.
  • Columnist and Pastor Dan Delzell looks at Bill O’Reilly’s new book on Jesus’ death.
  • Albert Mohler discusses Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s candid interview with New York Magazine.
  • Pastor Charles Stanley talks about his new book on emotions.
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    Christian Outlook 10/5/13


  • The Wall Street Journal’s Daniel Henninger believes that we need to let ObamaCare die of its own weight.
  • Fox Sports was willing to terminate an employee in good standing after he was found to have publically supported a one-man-and-one-woman definition of marriage.
  • Veteran author Nancy Pearcey argues that gender bending is the outwork of a worldview.
  • Author Peter Jones see pagan spirituality behind the wiping away of gender distinctions.
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    Christian Outlook 9/28/13


  • Cliff May of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies talks about the attacks in Kenya and Pakistan.
  • Michael Brown from the daily program “Line of Fire” discusses violent video games.
  • Kate Short of the Life Legal Defense Foundation explains how abortion clinics have been able to stifle free speech.
  • Os Guinness expounds on “soul freedom” from his new book: “The Global Public Square.”
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    Christian Outlook 9/21/13


  • AEI Scholar Michael Rubin says we should not be optimistic about Syria.
  • Trail Life USA is launching a new program for boys. John Stemberger explains.
  • Mike Farris tells the horrifying story about a German family who lost their children because they disobeyed a Nazi-era law disallowing homeschooling.
  • Ron Moore shares what it means to be a man.
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    Christian Outlook 9/14/13


  • Have Christians “gone wobbly” on homosexuality? Janet Mefferd turns to Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton.
  • Brett McCracken explains why we need to keep church “uncool.”
  • R.C. Sproul talks about his latest book “How Then Shall We Worship.”
  • Craig Roberts talks with Francis Chan about the state of our churches.
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    Christian Outlook 9/7/13


  • Have Christians lost the culture war? Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission weighs in.
  • New legislation in California should send a chill down your spine. Ron Prentice of the California Family Council explains.
  • State Senator William Sharer tells how New Mexico has gone rogue on same-sex marriage
  • Michael Youssef of the daily program “Leading the Way” provides the latest on Egypt.
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