Christian Outlook 2/16/13


  • Pope Benedict XVI announces his resignation. Albert Mohler responds.
  • John Stemberger of the Florida Family Council weighs in on the Boy Scouts’ decision to press “pause” on allowing openly homosexual Scouts and Scout leaders in the organization.
  • James K. Dew talks about how to understand the origin of evil from a Christian perspective.
  • The pastor of First Baptist Church in The Grand Cayman Islands, Thabiti Anyabwile, encourages our love and commitment to the Church.
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    Christian Outlook 2/9/13


  • Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice tells the horrific story of a Christian pastor sentenced to eight years in an Iranian prison.
  • Sara Torre of the Heritage Foundation talks with host Georgene Rice about how Obamacare infringes on religious liberty.
  • Scholar and war expert Victor Davis Hanson looks at women and front line combat on the Don Kroah Show.
  • Author David Platt talks to Janet Mefferd about the cost of following Jesus.
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    Christian Outlook 2/2/13


    • The Boy Scouts of America make a bombshell of an announcement. Albert Mohler weighs in.
    • President Obama is pushing for same-sex marriage. John Eastman responds.
    • The military changes its long term policy on women in combat. Is this a good decision?
    • Pastor Robert Jeffress reminds us what is so unique about Christianity.

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    Christian Outlook 1/26/2013: Special on Christian Persecution


  • Congressman Frank Wolf calls on Christian leaders to draw attention to Christian persecution.
  • Brother Andrew discusses the latest “WorldWatchlist”–a ranking of 50 countries where persecution of Christians is most severe.
  • Author Nik Ripken and Michael Wood of Open Doors talk about God’s work in the Muslim world.
  • K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia shares the various sources of persecution in India.
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    The Christian Outlook 1/19/2013


    • This week marks 40 years since the Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion. Carol Tobias, the president of the National Right to Life Committee talks with host Janet Mefferd.
    • Albert Mohler identifies a case of “moral McCarthyism”–the rejection of Pastor Louie Giglio as the leader of the Inaugural Prayer because of a sermon he gave over a decade prior.
    • Eric Metaxas, from Breakpoint commentaries, opines on the increase of violence in movies and the decadence of culture.
    • Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy joined Janet Mefferd to explain the latest developments of the rise of Islamism in Mali.

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    The Christian Outlook 1/12/13


    • Albert Mohler covers TIME magazine’s lament over the decline in abortion rights since the Roe v. Wade decision 40 years ago.
    • Focus on the Family’s Carrie Gordon Earll joined Karl Clausen to share her personal story about her fateful decision to abort.
    • Georgene Rice digs into the Hagel nomination and the fiscal cliff with two Heritage Foundation scholars.
    • Pastor Paul Washer shares thoughts from his latest book, “The Gospel’s Power and Message.”

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    The Christian Outlook 01/05/2013 – Full Show


    • Albert Mohler on the fiscal cliff.
    • Don Kroah and Roscoe Bartlett on the Obama Administration’s tax/spend plan.
    • Bill Bunckley and Peter LaBarbera covering the AP’s decision to eliminate the use of the word “homophobia.”
    • Hugh Hewitt interviewed the late Frank Pastore on his book, “Shattered” (June 2010).

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    The Christian Outlook 12/22/2012 – Full Show


    • Bill Bunkley and Albert Mohler on Sandy Hook Elementary shootings.
    • Don Kroah and John Stonestreet on the Christian response to Sandy Hook.
    • Janet Mefferd and Jon Infranco on marriage heading the Supreme Court.
    • Mefferd and Dr. James White on the media’s clock-work attacks on Jesus at Christmastime every year.
    • Glenn Mertz and Nancy Guthrie: Was Christ “plan B”?
    • In memoriam: Frank Pastore.

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    The Christian Outlook 12/15/2012 – Full Show


    • Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute highlights a chilling piece of legislation that threatens both parental rights and religious liberty.
    • Nancy Guthrie shares a rich collection of Advent readings for the Christmas season.
    • Joel Miller takes us deeper into the role of angels in God’s redemptive plan.
    • Max Maclean captures the brilliance of C.S. Lewis in the stage adaptation of “The Screwtape Letters.”

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    The Chrisitan Outlook 12/08/2012 – Full Show


    • Mary Hunt encourages us to retire the credit cards this Christmas season.
    • Paul Copan dispels commonly held myths about Christ’s birth.
    • Pastor Alistair Begg shares an Advent sermon based on Isaiah 42:1—“behold my servant.”
    • Greg Smalley teaches us how fighting can lead to a better marriage.
    • Professor Robert Gagnon explains why Christians should not give up defending traditional marriage.

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