Christian Outlook 2/7/14: Giving Christ-Hope to the Victims of ISIS


  • Bill Bennett turns to AEI scholar Marc Thiessen to talk about ISIS and the burning alive of the Jordanian pilot (1:34).
  • Author Joel Rosenberg on The Bill Bunkley Show speaks to the role Jordan plays in fighting ISIS (7:37).
  • Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family on religious liberty and marriage (9:40).
  • Eugen and Diana Krahn, founders of “Dreams Without Borders,” talk about their experience in Iraq helping the former sex slaves of ISIS (13:00 – end).

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Christian Outlook 1/31/15: An Abortion Survivor Tells Her Story of Faith and Forgiveness


  • Mat Staver of the Liberty Council talks about the Supreme Court taking up same-sex marriage (1:25).
  • Charles LiMandri is an attorney representing a Jewish ministry that seeks to help individuals with unwanted same-sex attraction (5:05).
  • Judges in California are banned from being a part of the Boy Scouts (9:40).
  • Steve Fisher of “Online for Life” was in the nation’s capital for the March for Life (13:00).
  • Rev. Walter Hoye has started the “Black and Beautiful” billboard campaign in Oakland, California (19:30).
  • Melissa Ohden, an abortion survivor, shares her story of faith and forgiveness (21:45).

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Christian Outlook 1/24/14: Atlanta Fire Chief Fired for Being a Christian


  • Columnist and author Victor Davis Hanson on how Obama uses misleading language to mislead the American people (1:25).
  • Albert Mohler on why a Christian, Atlanta Fire Chief was fired from his job (6:50).
  • Tom Giovanetti on the dangers of the government seizing control of the Internet (12:55).
  • Bob Burney’s special sit down with Governor John Kasich of Ohio (17:50).
  • Thomas Kidd calls George Whitefield “America’s Spiritual Founding Father” in his book (27:40).

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Christian Outlook 1/17/14: Free Expression and the Closed Islamic Mind


  • Don Kroah turns to the former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, to discuss the Obama administration’s “no show” at the Paris rally denouncing Islamic terror (1:10).
  • Cliff May of the Foundation of the Defense of Democracies talks about free expression and radical Islam (4:50).
  • Robert Reilly on his book “The Closing of the Muslim Mind” (9:05).
  • Albert Mohler discusses whether the Paris attacks could change governments and the people (13:00).
  • David Curry of Open Doors joins Janet Mefferd to share the latest on the World Watch List (22:00).
  • Dr. Gregg Allisonon “Roman Catholic Theology and Practice: An Evangelical Assessment” (28:00).

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Christian Outlook 1/10/15: Islamic Terror in Paris


  • Dr. Tony Evans on why we should not place too much hope in politics (1:30).
  • Pastor Ken Whitten on making New Year’s resolutions (6:35).
  • Pastor Tullian Tchividian on why New Year’s resolutions might not be a great idea (11:05).
  • Hugh Hewitt turns to New York Times reporter John Burns to discuss the Paris terrorist attacks (13:00).
  • Stephanie Riggs interviews Laura Hillenbrand on her book “Unbroken” about Louis Zamperini (21:50).

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Christian Outlook 1/3/15: New Year’s Resolution–Love God More!


  • Janet Mefferd and Maurice Roberts on what it means to truly love God.
  • Frank Sontag and Dan Delzell on the one true Story that is out of this world.
  • Janet Mefferd with Adrian Warnock on “how to become a Christian.”
  • Alistair Begg preaches, “After Darkness, Light.”

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Christian Outlook 12/27/14: A Christian Persecution Special


  • On the Don Kroah Show, Congressman Frank Wolf calls on pastors and Christian leaders to fight for religious freedom (1:30).
  • On the Janet Mefferd Show, Brother Andrew of Open Doors talks about the release of the latest “WorldWatchList”–a ranking of 50 countries where persecution of Christians is most severe. (5:50).
  • Nik Ripken and Michael Wood of Open Doors talk about God’s work in the Muslim world on the Don Kroah Show (21:50).
  • K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia joined Janet Mefferd to discuss the various sources of persecution in India (27:50-end).

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Christian Outlook 12/20/14: A Christmas Special


  • Nancy Guthrie teaches us how to prepare our hearts in anticipation of Christmas on the Janet Mefferd Show (1:20).
  • Steve Estes provides a fresh application of the Proverbs for this Christmas season on the Georgene Rice Show (8:40).
  • Alistair Begg helps create in us a sense of how much was fulfilled in the birth of the Christ child (13:00).
  • Albert Mohler explains how many Christians get the Christmas story wrong (22:00).
  • On the John and Kathy Show, Jerry Bowyer explains the social context of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” (27:55).
  • Mike Gallagher shares how CBS fought almost everything related to the beloved “Charlie Brown Christmas” special when it first aired in 1965 (33:55).

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Christian Outlook 12/13/14: Remembering WWII Hero, Louie Zamperini


  • With Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu’s loss in Louisiana, the Republicans now dominate the South, from North Carolina to Texas. Albert Mohler explains (1:25).
  • Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation argues that the GOP needs to use every tool at its disposal to block President Obama’s provocative move on the immigration status of millions of people (5:35).
  • Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council highlights another controversial move by President Obama, this one involving gender identity (9:40).
  • Frank Sontag reminds us that the Bible instructs us to submit to our authorities, although many people do not (13:00).
  • Louie Zamperini was one of the greatest runners of the 20th century and a WWII hero. His son, Luke, joined Frank Sontag to discuss his father’s life (22:00).


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Christian Outlook 12/6/14: The Christian Response to Ferguson


  • Greg Yoder of Mission Network News talks about the gravest of persecutions facing Christians around the world (1:25).
  • Author Michael Coren shares thoughts from his book “Hatred: Islam’s War on Christianity” (6:50).
  • Pastor Brian Loritts of Fellowship Memphis speaks about the Ferguson decision(13:00).
  • Pastor Dimas Salaberrios from Infinity Bible Church also weighs in on the Ferguson decision (18:35).
  • Frank Mastronaldo of “Only Hope Prison Ministries” is on KKLA in Los Angeles (22:00).
  • Albert Mohler provides analysis on “The Spiritual Shape of Political Ideas” (28:00).


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