Freedom of Religion Challenged by Senate Democrats

The Christian Outlook –September 16, 2017 Nicole Russell, of the Federalist , joined Kevin McCullough to discuss the religious discrimination happening in the Circuit Court of Appeals nominations by Senator Diane Feinstein. Dr. Albert Mohler also discusses this discriminating trend on The Briefing . Don Kroah invited Hans Spankovsky, a senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation , to discuss ...

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Joy in the Journey: A Pair of Miracles

The Christian Outlook — September 9, 2017 Calvin Beisner of the “ Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation ” explains the relationship between global warming and the recent devastating whirlwind of hurricanes. Al Mohler joined Kevin McCullough to discuss the “ Nashville Statement ” on human sexuality. Don Kroah spoke with Tom Giovanetti, the president of the Institute for Policy Innovation , ...

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In Hurricane Harvey: An Opportunity to Show the Love of God

The Christian Outlook—September 02, 2017 Kaitlyn Lahm of Samaritan’s Purse spoke with Pastor Dave Watson, filling in for Kevin McCullough, on what they are doing to help the flood victims in Houston. Humanitarian Disaster Institute Communications Specialist Laura Leonard joined John and Kathy on WORD FM in Pittsburg to offer her perspective on tangible ways to express the love of God ...

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