Christian Outlook 9/12/15: A Hollywood Surprise

  • Georgene Rice speaks with War Room’s Priscilla Shirer (1:20).
  • Nagmeh Abedini joined Frank Sontag in Los Angeles to talk about her husband who is still being held in Iran (7:40).
  • Stephanie Barclay of the Beckett Fund provided an update on the Little Sisters of the Poor on KFAX with Craig Roberts (13:00).
  • Writer Phil Cooke tells how Planned Parenthood keeps bad news about their organization out of the news (18:20).
  • Albert Mohler on the fluidity of gender and the media and pop culture’s complicity (22:00).
  • Ryan Anderson, author of “Truth Overruled” joined Eric Metaxas to talk about traditional marriage (28:00).

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Christian Outlook 9/5/15: Missionary Doctor’s Story of Surviving the Ebola Virus in Africa


  • Pro-life leader Lila Rose talks with Kevin McCullough about the latest videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of infanticide (1:22).
  • Russell Moore argues that we should not give Planned Parenthood one dollar of tax payer money (7:45).
  • J. Warner Wallace, a former homicide detective, uses his skill set to advance his apologetics ministry for the cause of Christ (13:00).
  • Missionary and Ebola survivor Kent Bradley tells his miraculous story of serving God in Liberia during the great Ebola epidemic (21:45).


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Christian Outlook 8/29/15: Christ’s Victory Over Our Shame


  • Anika Smith from the web site “Stream.org” reflects on the latest video released by the Center for Medial Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s evil actions (1:25).
  • Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel says that we should not give $1 to Planned Parenthood (7:35).
  • Albert Mohler looks at a very revealing piece in the New York Times on the logic of transgenderism (13:00).
  • Andy Crouch talks about how Christ bore our guilt and shame on the cross and how that applies to us today (17:20).
  • Jon Bloom shares his thoughts on the biblical heroes Moses and Joseph (22:00).
  • Author Peter Hitchens argues that Great Britain is in civilizational decline (28:00).
  • Marshall Wicks from the Word Life Bible Institute closes with thoughts on anxiety and righteousness (36:00).


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Christian Outlook 8/22/15: “The Dating Manifesto”


  • Daniel Blomberg of the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom shares why the government is attacking the religious liberties of the Little Sisters of the Poor (1:25).
  • A Colorado court is telling a baker that he must use his creative services for a gay wedding. Dr. Albert Mohler explains (7:30).
  • President of The Kings College in New York, Greg Thornbury, interviews Ben Mitchell of Union University about the dark origins of Planned Parenthood (13:00).
  • Pastor and writer Dan Delzell joined Frank Sontag to discuss how we know we have right standing before God (22:00).
  • Focus on the Family’s Lisa Anderson has wise thoughts to share from her book, “The Dating Manifesto” (27:45).


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Christian Outlook 8/15/15: Fighting Temptation: “The Truth About Lies”


  • Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy talks to Don Kroah about the U.S.’s nuke agreement with Iran (1:30).
  • Michael Rubin of the American Enterprise Institute continues with the topic of Iran on the Eric Metaxas Show (8:00).
  • Pro-life leader Lila Rose speaks out against Planned Parenthood with special attention given to the recent videos released by The Center for Medical Progress (13:00).
  • Jim Ramsay served for 10 years with “The Mission Society” in Kazakhstan. He joined Craig Roberts to talk about mission work in the U.S. (22:00).
  • Southern California Pastor Tim Chaddick speaks with Eric Metaxas about his book, “The Truth About Lies” (28:00).
  • Dr. Albert Mohler looks at a powerful pro-life piece written by Ross Douthat (36:00).


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Christian Outlook 8/8/15: “A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War”


  • Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at the Federalist, was a guest of Eric Metaxas to discuss why the Planned Parenthood story has received so little attention from major news outlets (1:20).
  • Albert Mohler says that the Planned Parenthood videos now mean that all of us bear some moral culpability for their odious atrocities (8:40).
  • Dakota Wood of the Heritage Foundation talked with Georgene Rice about Turkey’s attack against ISIS and Kurds (13:00).
  • Greg Yoder of Mission Network News joined Mark Elfstrand to explain how the gospel is spreading in the Middle East (18:30).
  • Joseph Loconte shares thoughts from his book, “A Hobbit, a Wardrobe, and a Great War.” (22:00).
  • On the Frank Sontag Show, former professor of feminist studies Rosaria Champagne Butterfield talks about how Christians can lovingly reach gay people (28:00).


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Christian Outlook 8/1/15: Os Guinness on His Book “Fool’s Talk”


  • John Stonestreet from “Breakpoint” talks about the grisly operation run by Planned Parenthood (1:40).
  • Kathleen Bravo of the pro-life organization, Obria Foundation, went on Mark Elfstrand’s show (8:00).
  • Matt Sharp of Alliance Defending Freedom was a guest of Don Kroah on WAVA (13:00).
  • Historian Victor Davis Hanson draws parallels between 1940s Nazi Germany and Obama’s nuclear negotiations with Iran (17:20).
  • Pastor Dan Delzell talks about repentance on Frank Sontag’s show (22:00).
  • Author Os Guinness joins Eric Metaxas to talk about his latest book on Christian persuasion (28:00).


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Christian Outlook 7/25/15: Planned Parenthood’s Conscience-Searing Practices


  • Laurie Higgins of the Illinois Family Institute talks about Planned Parenthood’s operation that murders unborn children in the womb, but preserves their organs for sale (1:25).
  • Former Planned Parenthood Abby Johnson also weighs in on the Planned Parenthood atrocity (6:45).
  • Jerry Johnson, president of the National Religious Broadcasters, compares marriage laws in the U.S. to those of Europe (12:55).
  • Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation continues with the marriage theme (18:00).
  • Owen Strachan shares thoughts from his book on Chuck Colson (27:40).

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Christian Outlook 7/18/15: Iran Nuclear Deal a “Stunning Historic Mistake”


  • Heritage Foundation’s James Phillips looks at Obama’s Iran nuclear deal (1:35).
  • Author and activist David Rubin on the dangers and loopholes in the Iran nuke agreement (7:25).
  • Planned Parenthood sells human body parts for profit. Eric Metaxas reports (13:00).
  • Keith Fournier, editor in chief at Catholic Online, talks about the First Amendment (18:10).
  • Aaron Klein chose not to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding because of his faith. Now he’s been fined $135,000 (21:40).
  • The president of the American Enterprise Institute, Arthur Brooks, joins Eric Metaxas to discuss his new book, “The Conservative Heart” (27:40).

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Christian Outlook 7/11/15: The Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace


  • Pastor and author J.D. Greear reminds us about the true message of the Gospel (1:10).
  • Timothy Paul Jones has co-authored “Proof: Finding Freedom through the Intoxicating Joy of Irresistible Grace” (7:25).
  • Doug Mazza, president of Joni and Friends, shares his story about raising his disabled son (13:00).
  • Joni Eareckson Tada tells of her life with quadriplegia (22:00).
  • Theologian David Wells joins Mark Daniels to discuss the unchanging God and his “holy-love” (27:50).

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