Christian Outlook 2/22/14: Rethinking David and Goliath


  • On the Don Kroah Show, Mat Staver of the Liberty Counsel looks at a federal judge’s decision to undermine the definition of marriage in Virginia (1:00).
  • Albert Mohler looks closer at a federal judge in Kentucky striking down a portion of the state’s amendment that defines marriage as a one man and one woman relationship (7:50).
  • On the Don Kroah Show, David Davenport highlights President Obama’s unconstitutional overreaches of power (12:55).
  • Nik Ripkin, on the Georgene Rice Show, calls the church toward faithfulness in the face of persecution (21:55).
  • Author Malcolm Gladwell invites listeners to rethink the David and Goliath story on the Dennis Prager Show (27:55).
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    Christian Outlook 2/15/14: The Blessings of Marriage & Family


  • Jerry Johnson, the head of National Religious Broadcasters, talks to host Don Kroah about the organization’s support of Hobby Lobby and religious freedom (1:35).
  • The United Nations wants the Catholic Church to change its doctrine. Albert Mohler highlights the arrogance (6:15).
  • John Stonestreet from Breakpoint Commentaries shares how images are being used to good effect to fight against abortion (12:50).
  • Pat Fagan of the Family Research Council co-authored a new study on the demographics of women who abort. The numbers will surprise you (21:45).
  • Dennis Rainey and Bob Lapine of “Family Life Today” share thoughts on marriage (27:35).
  • Dwight Montgomery from Stewardship Ministries joined Bob Burney to discuss money and God.
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    Christian Outlook 2/8/14: Philip Yancey on “The Question That Never Goes Away”


  • On the Don Kroah Show, Cliff May of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies looks at Secretary of State John Kerry’s blunt warning to Israel (1:20).
  • On the Georgene Rice Show, Hugh Whelchel of the Institue for Faith, Work and Economics provides an update on an important religious liberty case facing the Supreme Court (7:50).
  • Albert Mohler analyzes the debate about creationism and evolution between Bill Nye, the Science Guy from PBS, and Ken Ham from “Answers In Genesis” (13:00).
  • The legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington is a frightening social experiment. The Drug Czar from the Reagan administration, Carlton Turner, joined the Bill Bunkley Show to explain (21:55).
  • Acclaimed author Philip Yancey wrestles with the question of where God is when we experience pain and suffering. He was a guest on the Mark Daniels Show (27:45).
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    Christian Outlook 2/1/14: Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell – Lone Survivor


  • Republican Rep. Tom Price tells Bill Bennett how President Obama is ignoring the Constitution (1:15).
  • The March for Life was a great success. Tampa host Bill Bunkley turns to the head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, Russell Moore, for the details (8:10).
  • If you are pro-life, you are not welcome in New York. Brad Mattes of the Life Issues Institute explains on the Don Kroah Show (13:00).
  • The Olympics in Russia expose a whole host of problems according to Ariel Cohen of the Heritage Foundation. He was a guest of Georgene Rice (16:45).
  • Host Paul Ridgeway talks with Ted Wright about origins, archaeology and the Bible. (22:00).
  • Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell shares his riveting story about fighting the Taliban on the Frank Sontag Show (28:00).
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    Christian Outlook 1/25/14: Heaven, Salvation & the Unborn


  • On the Don Kroah Show, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life describes the fight for life in light of 41 years of Roe v. Wade (1:15).
  • On the Janet Mefferd Show, Will Estrada of The Home School Legal Defense Association explains the dangers of Common Core (6:15).
  • Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council talks about Christian persecution around the world and at home (13:00).
  • Host Frank Sontag interviews Pastor Robert Jeffress on heaven and eternal life (22:00).
  • Pastor Jeremy Walker from Crawley, England shares thoughts on the gifts of Christ and salvation from his book “Life in Christ” (28:00-end).
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    Christian Outlook: R.C. Sproul on “What Did Jesus Do?”


  • Avik Roy from Forbes Magazine talks to Hugh Hewitt about the troubling data on Obamacare (1:20).
  • On the Janet Mefferd Show, Ken Wynne reports that Christian organizations are winning legal victories to preserve their religious liberties in light of Obamacare (7:00).
  • Has the IRS cleaned up its act after it targetted conservative groups? Matt Staver of Liberty Council Action speaks with Don Kroah (13:00).
  • Christians still won’t believe in evolution, and it has many elites really upset. Albert Mohler explains (22:00).
  • R.C. Sproul’s latest project is “What Did Jesus Do?” He joins Janet Mefferd to share his thoughts (28:00-end).
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    Christian Outlook 1/11/14: Religious Liberty and the Nature of the Soul


  • Don Kroah turns to veteran columnist Donald Lambro to learn more about how Obamacare will affect elections in the Fall (1:30).
  • Former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell notes a recent victory for religious freedom on the Don Kroah Show (8:50).
  • Chaucer, Milton and Shakespeare are no longer required reading for an English degree at UCLA. National radio host Dennis Prager explains the reason for the deterioration of excellence in the university system with local host Frank Sontag (13:00).
  • Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, provides encouragement and biblical insight on the Don Kroah Show (21:55).
  • Christian philosopher J.P. Moreland talks about the soul and what it means to be human on the Janet Mefferd Show (27:50-end).
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    Christian Outlook: January 4, 2014


  • On the Don Kroah Show, Ken Klukowski of the Family Research Council explains why a judge has ordered that a cross be removed from a memorial in San Diego.
  • A court in the United Kingdom rules that Scientology deserves the full protections of a religion–even though it does not believe in God. Albert Mohler explains on his daily briefing broadcast.
  • Trail Life USA is launched as an alternative to the Boy Scouts. John Stemberger and Mark Hancock applaud the new organization on WTBN in Tampa with host Bill Bunkley.
  • David Jeremiah shares thoughts from his new book “What Are You Afraid Of” on the David Spoon Experience on KPRZ in San Diego.
  • Dr. Mark Green shares stories from his book “My Night with Saddam” on the Don Kroah Show.
  • Soerin Kern of the Gatestone Institute explains the motivation for the push against so-called “Islamophobia” by the Organization of Islamic States.
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    Christian Outlook: A Christian Persecution Special


  • On the Don Kroah Show, Congressman Frank Wolf calls on pastors and Christian leaders to fight for religious freedom (1:30).
  • On the Janet Mefferd Show, Brother Andrew of Open Doors talks about the release of the latest “WorldWatchList”–a ranking of 50 countries where persecution of Christians is most severe. (5:50).
  • Nik Ripken and Michael Wood of Open Doors talk about God’s work in the Muslim world on the Don Kroah Show (21:50).
  • K.P. Yohannan of Gospel for Asia joined Janet Mefferd to discuss the various sources of persecution in India (27:50-end).
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  • Christian Outlook: A Christmas Special


  • Nancy Guthrie teaches us how to prepare our hearts in anticipation of Christmas on the Janet Mefferd Show. (1:20).
  • Steve Estes provides a fresh application of the Proverbs for this Christmas season on the Georgene Rice Show. (8:40).
  • Alistair Begg helps create in us a sense of how much was fulfilled in the birth of the Christ child. (13:00).
  • Albert Mohler explains how many Christians get the Christmas story wrong (22:00).
  • On the John and Kathy Show, Jerry Bowyer explains the social context of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” (27:55).
  • Mike Gallagher shares how CBS fought almost everything related to the beloved “Charlie Brown Christmas” special when it first aired in 1965. (33:55-end).
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