Christian Outlook 6/8/13: IRS Scandal, Same-Sex Marriage, and the Boy Scouts


  • The House holds hearings on the IRS targeting of conservative groups. We hear from Representative Mike Kelly and John Eastman of Chapman University School of Law.
  • The Department of Justice wants you to celebrate homosexuality. Matt Barber of Liberty Council Action explains.
  • Author Eric Metaxas of Breakpoint shares a remarkable story of a man raised by a lesbian couple who opposes same-sex marriage.
  • Is Christianity on its way out in America? A huge percentage of Americans believe so. Bob Burney says why this is so dangerous for our country.
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    Christian Outlook 6-1-13: The Boy Scouts of America Hold A Historic Vote


  • The Boy Scouts change their position on homosexual members. Peggy Nance of Concerned Women for America and John Stemberger of On My Honor explain what it all means.
  • An Islamic fundamentalist beheads a British solider, but nobody wants to mention the murderer’s religion. Blogger and author Pamela Geller identifies the cowardice in today’s elite.
  • Pastor Charles Stanley of InTouch ministries shares thoughts from his latest book, “The Ultimate Conversation.”
  • The President of the American Enterprise Institute, Arthur Brooks, uncovers a fascinating statistic about non-voting Hispanics and their conservative leanings.
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    Christian Outlook 5-25-13


  • The country’s anger at the IRS was captured by Congressman Mike Kelly. He was a guest of Bill Bennett.
  • John Eastman of the National Organization for Marriage was unfairly targeted by the IRS. He shares his story with Frank Sontag of KKLA in Los Angeles. Dr. James Dobson was similarly targeted. He talks with Hugh Hewitt.
  • How will the abortion murders of Dr. Kermit Gosnell change America? Marjorie Dannefelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, joins host Janet Mefferd.
  • John Hall and Kathy Emmons of WORD FM interview Thomas Kidd of Baylor University about the Puritans.
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    Christian Outlook 5-18-13


  • Troy Newman of Operation Rescue talks about the abortionist Kermit Gosnell whose “house of horrors” led to the verdict of three counts of first degree murder.
  • Author and military historian Victor Davis Hanson shares his views on the Benghazi cover up and scandal perpetrated by the Obama administration.
  • Joni Earickson Tada lets us into her personal world with her latest book “Joni and Ken: an Untold Love Story.”
  • Brendan O’Neill says that the move toward same-sex marriage is “a case study in conformism.”
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    Christian Outlook 5-11-13


  • President Obama visits Planned Parenthood. Albert Mohler tells us what it means.
  • Lila Rose of the pro-life group “Live Action” talks to Janet Mefferd about recent video work exposing late term abortions.
  • Are the Boston Bombers just like us? David French of the American Center for Law and Justice responds.
  • Author David Platt talks about his new book “Follow Me.”
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    Christian Outlook 5-4-13


  • Jason Collins becomes the first NBA player to formally announce that he is homosexual. Albert Mohler weighs in.
  • Is the Obama administration pushing to limit religious freedom in the military? Lt. General Jerry Boykin explains the danger.
  • Author Mary Eberstadt looks at how family affects religion.
  • Michael Farris of HSLDA talks with Hugh Hewitt about the homeschool movement.
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    Christian Outlook 4-27-13


  • Steven Emerson from the Investigative Project on Terrorism talks to Bill Bennett about the Boston bombings.
  • Attorney John Stemberger talks about the latest compromise being considered by the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Joe Gonzalez speaks with Michael LeMay, the author of “The Suicide of American Christianity.”
  • Janet Mefferd interviews James White, author of “What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Qur’an.”
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    Christian Outlook 4-20-13


  • Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch talks with Janet Mefferd about the Boston bombings.
  • Troy Newman of Operation Rescue catalogues the horrors of an abortionist who is on trial for murder.
  • Columnist Victor Davis Hanson confronts the nuclear threat posed by North Korea.
  • Christians are being persecuted around the world. Paul Marshall of the Center for Religious Freedom explains.
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    Christian Outlook (4-13-13): Margaret Thatcher Dead at 87


    • John Burns, Pulitizer Prize winning journalist of the New York Times, tells Hugh Hewitt about his fascinating encounter with the former Prime Minister of Great Britain.
    • Dr. Albert Mohler traces the rise of Thatcher and her greatest accomplishments.
    • Greg Koukl, the veteran apologist from “Stand to Reason” joins Janet Mefferd to look at theistic evolution and why it is incompatible with the biblical creation account.
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    Christian Outlook 4-6-13


    • James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries responds to the secular forces attacking Christians for standing for traditional marriage.
    • Dr. Albert Mohler laments how moral language has been criticized in the culture when addressing the sanctity of marriage.
    • Benjamin Wiker in his new book “Worshipping the State” explains how liberalism is the new religion of the left.
    • British theologian Alister McGrath has released a new biography of C.S. Lewis: “C.S. Lewis: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet.”

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