John MacArthur’s Biblical Response to Race Relations in America

Christian Outlook–August 19, 2017.

The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson joins Kevin McCullough to take a close look at the events that happened in Charlottesville last week. Pastor John MacArthur talks about race in America, and the effective Christian response to it, with Frank Sontag. Former Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton discusses the threat of North Korea with Don Kroah. The Stream’s William M. Briggs joins Georgene Rice to provide details on Google’s firing of one of its employees for exercising his freedom of speech on a message board. In an extensive interview, Eric Metaxas interviews Christopher Yuan, a respected speaker and teacher at Moody Bible Institute whose journey to Christ is riveting and grace-filled.


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The Christian Outlook – 09/22/2012 Promotion

Included this week on The Christian Outlook:

  • Janet Mefferd with Nina Shea: Human rights issues at stake in the Middle East/Muslim world
  • Don Kroah with Timothy George: Christians and the 2012 election
  • Frank Pastore with Bill Heatley on the theology of work
  • Georgine Rice with Chris Evans on the fruit of the Spirit at work
  • Christopher Brooks with Jennifer Roback Morse on the meaning of marriage

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