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The Christian Outlook 10/13/2012 – Full Show

[podcast][/podcast] The president of Arizona Christian University explains how Obama does not govern like a Christian. A Christian convert from Islam explains why the Arab Spring is “a cold, deadly winter” for Christians. Randy Acorn sets the record straight on what heaven is really like. Are humans really free? Frank ...

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The Christian Outlook 10/06/2012 – Full Show

[podcast][/podcast] Bill Bennett with columnist Mona Charen on the presidential debate. Frank Pastore with author Eric Metaxas on the dangers of another Obama term. Albert Mohler on a chilling new law in California banning reparative therapy. Janet Mefferd with R.C. Sproul on the difference between Protestants and Catholics.

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The Christian Outlook 9/22/2012 – Full Show

[podcast][/podcast] Janet Mefferd with Nina Shea: Human rights issues at stake in the Middle East/Muslim world Don Kroah with Timothy George: Christians and the 2012 election Frank Pastore with Bill Heatley on the theology of work Georgine Rice with Chris Evans on the fruit of the Spirit at work Christopher ...

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