The Christian Outlook is today’s top Christian weekend radio show.

The Christian Outlook covers a wide range of subjects of interest to today’s believers—from political news and cultural trends to issues facing the church at home and around the world. The Christian Outlook gives you thought-provoking reporting on the issues that matter most. You’ll enjoy a fast-paced recap of the world’s struggles and triumphs as seen through the lens of the Christian faith.

The Christian Outlook turns to respected voices and key, trusted leaders to help you sort through today’s fast-changing world.


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Host Don Kroah serves as host of the program that delivers in depth coverage on stories that matter—headline new, religious liberty and the church around the United States and the world. He gets to the point of what matters most to you. You won’t waste your time with the unimportant and trivial.

Our contributors bring their seasoned perspective to everything from politics and public policy to culture, family and faith. Hosts from top metropolitan areas across the country speak to the heart of issues on the minds of today’s listeners


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You’ll get interviews with trusted voices interviewed by Christian hosts from across the country in one concise, weekly format. Leading experts share their insight and perspective on today’s most pressing issues affecting Christians.

The Christian Outlook amplifies the best Christian voices who are engaged in the conversations happening in the country today. Regular listeners to our podcast express how they have come to rely on The Christian Outlook as a trusted summary of current issues.


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By subscribing, you’ll have access to leading authorities discussing the news of interest to today’s Christian in one easy-to-access format. The Christian Outlook provides you the news you need from the voices you can trust.


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