Station Listings

Locate stations and times where you can listen live to The Christian Outlook in your area.

Market Station Day and Time Website
Atlanta WNIV-AM Sat 4p-5p
Atlanta WLTA-AM Sat 4p-5p
Atlanta WGKA-AM Sun 5a-6a
Atlanta WDWD-AM Sun 10a-11a, 10p-11p
Boston WEZE-AM Sat 6a-7a, 4p-5p
Boston WROL-AM Sun 12p-1p
Charlotte WCRU-AM Sat 3a-4a
Chicago WYLL-AM Sun 4a-5a
Cleveland WHKW-AM Sat 5a-6a
Sun 4p-5p
Cleveland WHKZ-AM Sat 5a-6a
Sun 4p-5p
Colorado Springs KGFT-FM Sun 3p-4p
Columbus WRFD-AM Sat 10a-11a
Dallas-Fort Worth KWRD-FM Sat 7a-8a, 12p-1p
Denver-Boulder KRKS-AM Sun 4p-5p
Denver-Boulder KRKS-FM Sun 4p-5p
Detroit WLQV-AM Sat 3p-4p, 10p-11p
Grand Rapids WPNW-AM Sun 10p-11p
Greensboro-Winston-Salem WTRU-AM Sat 3a-4a
Greenville-Spartanburg WGTK-FM Sun 7a-8a
Honolulu KGU-FM Sat 12p-12:30p, 9p-9:30p
Houston-Galveston KKHT-FM Sat 4a-5a
Little Rock KDIS-FM Sat 1a-2a, 7a-8a
Sun 1a-2a
Los Angeles KKLA-FM Sat 3a-4a
Louisville WFIA-FM Sat 5p-6p
Miami WHIM-AM Sun 6p-7p
Minneapolis-St. Paul KKMS-AM Sun 7p-8p
Monterey-Salinas KKMC-AM Sun 1p-2p
New York WMCA-AM Sat 9p-10p
Omaha KCRO-AM Sun 6a-7a, 3p-4p, 11p-12a
Oxnard, CA KDAR-FM Sun 2:30p-3:30p
Philadelphia WFIL-AM Sat 10p-11p
Sun 6a-7a
Mon 1a-2a
Phoenix KPXQ-AM Sun 7p-8p
Phoenix KXXT-AM Sun 6p-7p
Pittsburgh WPIT-AM Sat 6a-6:30a
Pittsburgh WORD-FM Sun 10p-11p
Pittsburgh WCNS-AM Sun 6a-7a
Portland KPDQ-AM Sat 7a-8a
Portland KPDQ-FM Sun 8p-9p
Preoria, IL WPEO-AM Sat 10a-11a
Richmond WLES-AM Sat 3a-4a
Sacramento KFIA-AM Sat 7p-8p
Sun 4p-5p
Salt Lake City KUTR-AM Sat 1a-2a
San Antonio KSLR-AM Sun 8p-9p
San Diego KPRZ-AM Sat 5a-6a, 11p-12a
Sun 4p-5p, 11p-12a
San Francisco KFAX-AM Sat 8p-9p
Seattle-Tacoma KGNW-AM Sat 11p-12a
Spokane KSPO-FM Sun 6p-7p
Tampa-St. Petersburg WTBN-AM Sun 9p-10p
Tampa-St. Petersburg WTWD-AM Sun 9p-10p
Tri-Cities, WA KGDN-FM Sun 6p-7p
Washington, DC WAVA-AM Sat 1p-2p
Sun 3p-4p
Washington, DC WAVA-FM Sat 3p-4p, 11p-12a
Sun 3p-4p
Washington, DC WWRC-AM Sun 8a-9a
Washington, DC WRCW-AM Sun 8a-9a
Yakima, WA KYAK-AM Sun 6p-7p
Satellite Sirius XM Sat 2a-3a, 11p-12a
Sun 11a-12p (Pacific)

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