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An Inauguration, A Transfer of Power and Christian Perspective Amidst Change

The Christian Outlook – January 23, 2021

The new President, Joe Biden, in his inauguration address, makes a call for unity and a call for peace.

Jim Daly, of Focus on the Family, says there may be cause for skepticism, but we can pray.

Dr. Albert Mohler gives a brief tutorial on the pageant of democracy and the peaceful transition of power.

Kevin McCullough and Charmaine Yoest, of the Heritage Foundation, talk about how the agenda of the Biden administration is very different from the values of biblically minded Christians.

Don Kroah turns to Dr. Merrill Matthews, of the Institute for Policy Innovation, to compare the agenda of the Trump administration to that of President Biden.

Bob Burney says our primary attention should not be the change in the nation’s capital, but somewhere else…the Bible.

Bill Bunkley talks with David Murrow about his new book, Drowning in Screen Time: A Lifeline for Adults, Parents, Teachers, and Ministers Who Want to Reclaim Their Real Lives.

John Hall and Kathy Emmons, of The Ride Home, talks with California Pastor Gavin Ortlund about simple, disciplined gratitude.

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Christian Leaders Make Case for Trump

The Christian Outlook – October 31, 2020

Frank Sontag talks with Dr. Albert Mohler who makes a big announcement and explains in detail why he is voting for Donald Trump.

Bob Burney explains his case for the President.

Kevin McCullough and columnist Gail Trotter discuss the significance of the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Georgene Rice talks with Matthew LaMaster about his book, Of Guilt and Grace: Ten Lessons from Achan About Sin and Salvation.

Eric Metaxas and author/commentator Douglas Murray take a look at today’s self-centered activists.

Gino Geraci talks with Scott Allen about his book, Why Social Justice is not Biblical Justice: An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis.

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Abraham Accords Give Hope for Middle East Peace

The Christian Outlook – September 19, 2020

Kevin McCullough and Karol Markowicz talk about the peace agreement between Israel and the UAE brokered by President Trump.

Eric Metaxas talks with Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States, about the new peace in the Middle East.

Georgene Rice and Melissa Henson, of the Parents Television Council, talk about the controversial Netflix movie that promotes sexualized pre-teens.

Frank Sontag takes a closer look at an article by John Stonestreet that looks at the deeper issues with the controversial Netflix movie, “Cuties.”

Craig Roberts and Brad Dacus, of the Pacific Justice Institute, talk about the California bill just passed and signed into law by California Governor Newsom that lowers the penalty for sex crimes against children.

John and Kathy, of the Ride Home, talk with Dorothy Greco about her book, Marriage in the Middle: Embracing Midlife Surprises, Challenges, and Joys.

Kevin McCullough talks with former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani about the rising violent and murderous crime against cops in the Big Apple.

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